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Single Family Home


2,503 Sq Ft.  •  5 Beds  •  3 Baths

4816 Elk Creek Road, Marietta, Georgia.


Single Family Home


1,654 Sq Ft.  •  2 Beds  •  2 Baths

4580 Layman Court, Marietta, Georgia.


Single Family Home


2,938 Sq Ft.  •  5 Beds  •  4 Baths

1203 Rosemont Avenue, Marietta, Georgia


Office Space


5,452 Sq Ft.  •  3 Spaces

2060 Layman Court, Marietta, Georgia.




1,854 Sq Ft.  •  2 Beds  •  1 Baths

4199 Lakeland Park Drive, Marietta, Georgia.




650 Sq Ft.  •  1 Beds  •  1 Baths

4484 Heavner Avenue, Marietta, Georgia.

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Best of Marietta: TreeQuote Tree Service

This month’s feature is a tree service in Marietta called TreeQuote. They are a fantastic company with an awesome, polite crew and incredible customer service. TreeQuote is owned and operated by Michael Pavuk and was started just over a year ago. They work within 30 miles of Marietta and always do good work.

I have worked with them personally and they have always been on time, courteous, and extremely generous. They have always stayed in touch throughout the process to make sure we are informed. Marietta is full of trees and tree services, so it’s refreshing to see someone who cares so deeply about their customers.

I get the question very often: What’s a good tree service near me? What’s the right tree removal cost? And to be honest, it’s not an easy answer. The tree service and tree removal industry is filled with scams and dishonest people. Especially when looking for a certified arborist, it’s difficult to find.

Check them out:

Marietta, GA
(770) 824-0530

Check Them Out on Google

Interesting Real Estate Facts

Interesting Real Estate Facts

Real estate is one of those huge profit-making sectors. It is not a segment that came into existence a few decades ago. It has been there from the day man considered land as a good investment. There are possibilities that you might know some good amount of information about real estate. But there are few facts that you might not know. In this article, we will see some of the interesting real estate facts.

The powerhouse and the value

The approximate value of the place where the most powerful man in the world stays is nearly 110 million dollars. Still cannot guess? What we meant was the white house.

Homes and Japan


If you are a homeowner in Japan, we really feel bad for you. It is said that most of the houses in Japan depreciate in value. More than fifty percent of the houses are demolished within forty years. So there is literally no market for the pre-owned houses in Japan. The worst part is that there are four times the number of architects and two times the number of construction workers in Japan when compared to the US.

As tall, it can get

Burj Khalifa which is one of the most iconic buildings not just in Dubai but in the entire world is so tall that you can have a clear view of the sunset from the base of the building. The total height of the building is 2720 feet.

The billion-dollar home


This could definitely be a surprise because there are very fewer possibilities that you will guess the right answer where this billion dollar home is located. This billion dollar home which is called Antilia is located in India, and its owner is Mukesh Ambani who is the richest person in Asia. It is twenty-seven-floor building with six floors dedicated for parking.

The home of Buffet

Warren Buffet who the chairman and CEO of Berkshire, lives in a house that he bought in the year 1958. It is said that he paid nearly 31,500 dollars to buy the house. The house might not look luxurious, but it is a landmark because he stays in it.

Homes and bombing ranges

In Florida, there are more than a thousand homes that are constructed on the top of World War 2 bombing range. It is because of that, people in the locality are finding bombs very often from 1998.

Competition at its peak

Just for the sake of being the tallest building the architect of Chrysler Building built it with a 125 feet long spire inside the building. The other building which was in competition was able to make only 119 feet.

Thinking that your house is small

If you are thinking that your house is small, you definitely need to think again. It is because in developing countries, the average size of the houses is just 75 square feet.

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